Tuesday, August 30, 2016

#ChewyInfluencer on Tasty Tuesday

 Lady Shasta bak agin- 
me an'mom feel so furry much lucky that we git tue b
pawt of the 
#ChewyInfluencer group an'we git tue link up tue the
Chewy.com Blog Hop that iz co-hosted by
Oz the Terrier
Sugar The Golden Retriever
Thanx u 2!

C'mon mom. there'z a guy here with MY Chewy.com box!
Give it tue me - NOW!
Ummm mom????  Cood u PLEEZE 
help me open it - PLEEEEEZE???

Ahhh - thanx mom!!!  Wunder what'z in here???

Oh theze due smell YUMMY!!!

Blue Buffalo Health Bars Baked with
Pumpkin & Cinnamon Dog Treats

Theze r the only other 2 pikchurez my mom got-
y due I alwayz hafta wait - the treat iz MINE!

Not shure what happened tue the color here- 
the color iz more like the one above.
Mom sez it must haf bin the camera or lighting.
(yea, rite - whatever) 

Well, let me c now- 
I LOVE punkin'an'I LOVE cinnamom.
Mom, un-b-knowst tue me, GAVE sum of MY treatz tue
Lady Bailie, my Westie cuzin-
she feelz the same way I due'bout theze
Blue Buffalo treatz.
So I guess that makez it 

Mom iz gonna let me due what she uzually duz.
Mom lovez tue give me theze treatz cuz even tho they r
kinda big, she sed with'em bein'baked, they r eazy tue break
 in-tue smaller piecez.  She sed theze treatz iz good fer me tue cuz of stuffz like Omega-3 an'sumthin'called 
anti-oxidentz - she sed thoze thingz plus
they duzn't haf stuffz like soy, wheat an'corn iz what
makez'em x-tra good fer me
(whatever - me an'Lady Bailie just know they r 
x-tra tasty!)
Since I duzn't know az much of the peepz stuff az mom duz,
mom sed it wood b ok fer me tue include this 
handy-dandy list frum Chewy.com-
it iz rite on their page where the treatz r.
Key Benefits
  • Made with wholesome whole grains and nutritious vegetables
  • Contain ingredients to help your dog maintain a healthy immune system
  • Oven-baked for old-fashioned goodness
  • No chicken/poultry by-product meals
  • No corn, wheat or soy
  • No artificial preservatives, colors or flavors
  • Made in the USA

We were sent one, 16 oz bag of 
Blue Buffalo Health Bars Baked with 
Pumpkin & Cinnamon Dog Treats
for our honest opinion only.
There was no other compensation involved.

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Today is Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Day

Note frum Lady Shasta-
I am turnin'over MY blog tue my mom tue-day fer
a speshal post
(that shood haf bin dun earlier tue-day  MOM!)

Thank you Lady Shasta and I will ignore that rude comment.

I think this is my favorite that Ann (Zoolatry)
 did for me of
Angel Shiloh -
I call it the many faces of my Shiloh.

This tag was made by a longtime online friend from a
 Beagle group.
This is a favorite tag of mine with both
 Angel Shiloh and Angel Oreo
 also made by a friend in that group-

Angel Oreo - my YorkiPoo and
Angel Shiloh's little"big" brother-

Angel Kammie

Angel Kryket

Angel Horses - I had decades ago along with
Angel Kammie and Angel Kryket.
Mama Dawn with colt Rokee
                               Angel Jocko with mom             ?????

                    Angel Dawn           Mama Dawn with filly??

Mama Wheeler Bee with filly ???
 I wanted to share these Westie angels that were 
a part of my sister's furmily over the years and
 part of my life as well-
Angel McKailie - thank you Ann

Angel Rylee-
she left way to early at less than 3 months of age.

Angel Johnny-

You are all forever loved and forever missed

Friday, August 26, 2016

#ChewyInfluencer on #National Dog Day, August 26th

Tue-day iz #National Dog Day so tue selebrate,
me an'mom bring u --->
Me an'mom wood like tue thank
fer co-hostin'this monthly 
#ChewyInfluencer Blog Hop

Hey mom!
I think I herd the doorbell!
Yep it wuz - an'I saw it wuz frum Chewy.com soooo
I knew it wuz fer ME!

 Ummm - mom, think I need sum help here pleeze?

Hmmm - wunder what that smell is?

                         Just lookie what I gotz!
They got LIVER in'em an'I 
ain't never had theze b-4!  
   C'mon mom, I NEED sum of theze - NOW!

Ok - what'z the deal?  
Theze r MY treatz so y am I havin'tue WAIT fer'em?

Ok - CAN'T wait no more!  Gonna make a go fer it!
 Oh - here iza close-up pikchure tho 
it lookz kinda big here butt az u can c above-
they ain't.

C'mon - let'z git serious here - they haf liver in'em so
of course they git 4 PAWZ up-
an'a satisfied an'happy face tue!

Now fer the peepz stuff frum my mom-

As usual, the selection of goodies from Ms. Sydney at
Chewy.com offered such a variety, making it very difficult to choose BUT I managed with the assistance of Lady Shasta.  When I saw the offering of Old Mother Hubbard dog treats and knowing how Lady Shasta had always enjoyed the wide variety of biscuits and soft bakes from OMH that decision was made.  I had never given her the ones with liver so that decision was easy - they are made with Whole Wheat Flour, Oatmeal, Wheat Bran, Chicken Liver, Cane Molasses, Chicken Fat (Preserved with Mixed Tocopherols, A Natural Source of Vitamin E), Caramel Color, Eggs, Apples, Carrots, Garlic, Salt, Mixed Tocopherols (A Natural Preservative).  I found out that they are part of the Wellpet family - the same people that bring us wholesome goodness like Wellness Dog Food and Sojos Dog Treats - this just helped to reinforce my decision.  Plus the size of each biscuit will work quite well with Lady Shasta's treat balls which is something I am always on the look-out for.  The other good things that were listed on Chewy.com's website are-

Key Benefits
  • Natural oven-baked dog biscuits
  • Made with all natural, wholesome ingredients
  • For dogs of all ages & sizes
  • No artificial preservatives

We were sent one, 20 oz bag of 
Old Mother Hubbard Classic
Liv'R'Crunch Biscuits Mini Baked Dog Treats
for our honest opinion only.
There was no other compensation involved.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016



The area that WUZ the garden iz in FRONT an'mom 
thinkz I will run off if 
I am not on a walkin'string.
(now we all know it iz our PEEPZ who will run off, NOT us)
Anyway, while out there I got tue
haf a meetin'with Saint Francis of Assisi-
he iz there tue keep us safe.
~Lady Shasta~

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Clozin'Ceremoniez an'Wrap-Up Pawty - Blogville 2016 Pawlympikz

It iz hard fer this little Beagle mind tue realize that the 
Blogville 2016 Pawlympikz iz comin'tue a cloze.

There iz so furry much goin'on
all over Blogville.
Fer the best seat in town an'tue git
the lo-down on all of what iz happenin'then
head over tue

if u click on this link-
Pawlympiks Wrap-Up Pawty
u will b magikally transported there. 

Now I can hear an'c that all the festivitiez r
well under way so I am headed over there now. 
~Lady Shasta~