Sunday, December 17, 2017

Miss Maizie does this week's Sunday 'Selfies

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Looks like Miss Maizie has 
already snuck a couple prezzies.
Hope they were for her. 

Monday, December 11, 2017

A Christmas #ThreeDogBakery Influencers review - reminder

A few months ago, the Beaglebratz Ladiez(and their mom) were asked if they would like to become members of the Three Dog Bakery Influencer team a few months ago - you can read their first review here .

DisclaimerAs influencers for Three Dog Bakery, The Ladiez of Beaglebratz Manor received these products for their honest review and opinions only.   There was no other form of compensation involved.  

Also, before the Ladiez take over this review, we do want to remind you  of the coupon code you can use with each order you place at Three Dog Bakery-

         that coupon code is BEAGLES

Just use it whenever you check-out to receive 20% off your entire order.

Now on with that review-

Hello there all-
Miss Maizie an'Lady Shasta here with
anuther edishun of the
Three Dog Bakery review show.

(Lady Shasta here-I know there r only 3 productz here BUTT
there really wuz 4 - I got a little hungry an'I wuz able to git to'em while 
mom wuz gone and Miss Maizie wuz in her crate-
I ate the WHOLE box - well not the box just all the treatz inside.
I guess that tellz'ya how yummy they wuz.)

Gingerbeg Wafers -  Theze r the onez that I, Lady Shasta, confessed to eatin'em all - coodn't help it - that'z how yummy they wuz.  Mom sed she just mite hafta git more so Miss Maizie can try'em.  Anyway, like all of Three Dog Bakery goodiez, theze gingerbread treatz r baked with lovc rite there in their own kitchenz an'what Christmas wood b complete without gingerbread.  An'they can b frozen so us doggyz can enjoy'em all winter long.  They r made with wheat flour, dried cane molasses, honey, dried whole egg, ground cinnamon, canola oil, graham cracker flavor, vanilla flavor and only that stuff that keepz'em safe an'yummy fer us doggiez to eat.

P'Nutty Paws  - Az alwayz, they haf all nachural ingredientz like wheat flour, honey, canola oil, p-nut flour, molassez, dried whole egg, bakin'soda, vanilla, bakin powder, an'a nachural preservative to keep'em fresh.  Theze wuz the yummy treatz mom gave us when we wuz under our Christmas tree - now they r in our treat jar an'makin'it smell really yummy just like they taste.  

Pepper-Mutt Mocha - O-M-D!  Mom shooda given theze to us b-4 - they r just full of yumminess!   Butt we had a couple today - so much yum in theze treatz  Wheat flour, honey, canola oil, carob powder, dried whole egg, dried cane molasses, marshmallow flavor, vanilla powder, spearmint flavor, citric acid (preservative), mixed tocopherois (preservative).

Snickerdoodles - Now fer sum reezon that only hoo-minz unnerstand, theze Snickerdoodles cood not b found on their website.  We Ladiez duzn't unnerstand y cuz they r just az yummy an'smell just az wunnerful az their other treatz butt we know that'z just the way sum thingz r.  Mom read to us the thingz that r in'em - wheat flour, canola oil, ground cinnamon, cornmeal, dried cane molasses, dried whole egg, citric acid an'mixed tocopherois - the last two which r uzed az preservativez.  All we know an'care'bout iz that they wuz so 
yummer-lish-ush.   We wish our mom cood git more.

We Beaglebratz Ladiez an'our mom too give our 
whole-pawed stamp of approval
fer all theze yummer-lush-ush treatz.
Thank u Three Dog Bakery!

Of course all theze pikchurez can b bigefied.  After mom got the pikchure of us layin'under our Christmas tree then she just let us Ladiez do whatever (kinda) an'started takin'pikchurez of us.
We just kept lookin'fer more yummy goodiez.




REMEMBER - don't forget to use that coupon code -  BEAGLES - when you check out at Three Dog Bakery.

Thursday, November 30, 2017

A late but YUMMY #ChewyInfluencer review

Each month the Blog Hop iz
sponsored by 

Earlier this month, me(Lady Shasta) an'Miss Maizie wuz playin'when I herd the doorbell ring...
I yelled fer Miss Maizie an'sed 
Hey - there'z a familiar face at the door--


We got us a box to open'n
we NEED YOUR help, NOW!

Lady Shasta still here - az u'all can c, 
Miss Maizie duzn't yet realize just 
eg-zactly how good a Chewy box can b.
She still thinkz it iz all'bout the paper.... 

so then I took over with the skillz I haf mastered,
I KNOW'BOUT the great stuff IN a Chewy box-


Yes mom, we c'em - now

Here'z anuther pikchure of theze yummy treatz!

Well az far az the ingredientz go, 
there iz just not much to tell u'bout cuz
the ONLY - az in ONE ingredient iz

Now I know sum of u may b askin'
What the dog iz Beef Tripe.
Well with the help of what Chewy sez on their website,
I am gonna tell ya'll-
Beef Tripe comez frum the stomachz of cowz that haf bin
USDA inspected (that'z the same peepz who inspect our humanz stuff).
An'it comez straight frum Wisconsin so that meanz 
YES, it IZ made rite here in the USA!
And here r sum other key benefitz like
rich in essential fatty acidz an'protein, 
it also helpz clean our toofumz, 
aids in digeschun an'may increase stamina.
Our mom lovez all this'bout Dr. Tim's Beef Tripe an'she
 lovez that we love it so
I guess that kinda givez it away-

me (Lady Shasta)'n Miss Maizie give it 

Disclaimer - As members of the Influencer Team,
The Ladiez of Beaglbratz Manor received one, 4-ounce container of
Dr. Tim's Natural Clean Tripe Freeze-Dried Dog & Cat Treats
for their review and honest opinion only.
There was no other form of compensation involved.

Monday, November 27, 2017

#ThreeDogBakery Influencers

(And sum KITTY stuff too!)
A few months ago the Beaglebratz Ladiez(and their mom) were asked if they would like to become members of the Three Dog Bakery Influencer team - of course they were all delighted for this great opportunity.  Those of you who have read this blog for awhile may remember seeing blog posts from the Ladiez or the original Team Beaglebratz about the yummy treats their mom got for them - just do a search here on the blog for Three Dog Bakery for more information.

Now, as influencers for Three Dog Bakery, the Beaglebratz Ladiez will be doing a more detailed report.  They received three different products to review.  In addition, their mom received "Amazing Gracie" a book about the special Great Dane puppy who inspired two guys, using a 59 cent biscuit cutter, to start Three Dog Bakery - a bakery for dogs.  The book is not about their popular growing business that has spread nationwide and is in Canada, Hong Kong and some of their items being available in the UK. Rather it is about that special dog - Gracie - the albino Great Dane who was born deaf and partially blind.  Now on to the review by the Beaglebratz Ladiez -->

We Beaglebratz Ladiez received sum wunderful treatz frum Three Dog Bakery - u know, we've talked'bout'em b-4 an'that iz where our mom gitz our barkday goodiez.  Anyway, just lookie here-
So mom got the "Amazing Gracie" book - she already told u'all'bout that. We gotz the yummy stuffz - Apple Pie Flavor treatz, Chicken Pup Pie Flavor treatz an'the Pup-kin Spice Latte treatz.  We r gonna tell u'bout each of'em-

Apple Pie Flavor treatz - they sed theze treatz wood make our tailz wag - they shure did!   They come in wafer size for big and small dogs.  

The ingredientz were taken straight frum that link we provided-
Wheat flour, canola oil, glycerine, honey, apple flakes, cinnamon, dried whole egg, dried cane molasses, natural sweet crème flavor, sodium bicarbonate, natural apple flavor, red carmine (color), baking powder (corn starch, sodium bicarbonate, sodium aluminum sulfate, monocalcium phosphate), citric acid (preservative), mixed tocopherols (preservative).

Chicken Pup-Pie Flavor treatz - Even tho the website talkz'bout
us dogz can enjoy thoze savory fall flavorz found in chicken pot-pie like our peepz do(since our mom iz late helpin'us with this) theze same great flavorz can b enjoyed in the winter too!
Here r thoze ingredientz-
Pea flour, potato flake, glycerine, sweet potato flour, chicken meal, canola oil, dried cane molasses, baking powder (corn starch, sodium bicarbonate, sodium aluminum sulfate, monocalcium phosphate), dried whole egg, beta carotine (color), natural chicken flavor, citric acid (preservative), mixed tocopherols (preservative), chlorophyll (color). 

Pup-Spiced Latte treatz - Theze yummy treatz r now sold on the website in a handy 4-pack tray under the name WHOLE LOTTA LATTE - same great ingredientz.  Like they say - a drool worthy snack paw-fect fer cold weather (or anytime) fer even tiny dogz az the bigger treatz can b crumbled into smaller piecez.  
We can't fergit thoze ingredientz-
Wheat flour, honey, canola oil, dried whole egg, dried cane molasses, titanium dioxide, vanilla powder, baking soda, dried pumpkin, ginger, ground cinnamon, baking powder, beta carotene, citric acid (preservative), mixed tocopherols (preservative). 

We Ladiez r gonna show u just sum random pikchurez that our mom took of us enjoyin'our Three Dog Bakery treatz - all of theze r small butt they can all b bigefied-
I, Lady Shasta wuz not shure'bout Miss Maizie sharin'the treatz.


 Don't worry - our mom didn't let us eat much.

We Ladiez think it iz purty clear - we BOTH give all theze yummy treatz, FOUR PAWZ UP!

Now fer sum more egz-citin'newz:  anyone (or doggy AND kitty)
who goez to the Three Dog Bakery website an'choozez ANYTHING on their website - when u check out then if u add the coupon code BEAGLES you will receive 20% off your entire order!  WOWZERZ!

Disclaimer - As influencers for Three Dog Bakery, The Ladiez of Beaglebratz Manor received these products for their honest review and opinions only.   There was no other form of compensation involved.  

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Sunday Selfie Announcement - Blogville Gift Exchange DEADLINE Fast Approaching

This week we Beaglebratz Ladiez r joinin'with the  
to bring u this speshal announcement-

The deadlion fer the 
iz super fast approachin'.

iz it!
fer d-tailz PLEEZE VIZIT

~Lady Shasta'n Miss Maizie~