Wednesday, October 26, 2016

#ChewyInfluencer meanz can't b werdless

This iz the ferst of my entriez in-tue the 
Oktober Blog Hop which iz
co-hosted each month by

Hey mom-
the mail guy iz here with a 
d-livery fer ME frum

Iz there really sumthin'in here?
Ah-ha!  So there it iz.

So - now what mom?

There ya go-
I gotz me sum Blue Buffalo Boo Bars Mummy Morsels! 

You can c what theze treatz haf in them-
sum of MY fav'rit stuffz like 
Pumpkin, Cinnamon, Oatmeal an'Carrotz -
an'stuffz that mom likez-
Barley an'Flaxseed. 
An'they duzn't haf stuffz that my mom duzn't like-
none of thoze by-productz, corn, wheat an'soy.

I wunder if I can sneek one outta here-
that witch an'her punkin best not snitch on me.

What - no mom - I didn't take one.
I'm just sittin'here - waitin'real patient like.

See - I iz just layin'here - not botherin'nuthin. 

Whoopz - well a pup can wait just so long then.....

Oh wuz them ever tasty!
Oh yes-
my seel of 

I give theze Boo Bars
4 PAWZ UP cuz of their
Mom lovez'em cuz they r
good fer me an'she really likez their
crunchy-ness an'how eazy they will break in smaller peesez.
(smaller peesez - I don't unnerstand how this iz a good thing)

Lady Shasta of Beaglebratz Manor

We received 1 bag of 
Blue Buffalo Boo Bars Mummy Morsels Dog Treats
for our honest opinion.
There was no other form of compensation involved.

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Blowing In The Wind-

Durin'our photo shoot yestaday- 
I swear, my mom will 
take a pikchure of ANYTHING!

Don't ask me where we haf bin-
did haf sum werk dun on the house erly last week AND
still waitin'tue haf more dun BUTT
my mom haz had plenty of time tue due
anything BUTT help me post

Be bak - SUMTIME!!!

Thursday, October 13, 2016

3rd an'final pawt of trilogy of barkday fun with Lady Shasta

Ok -this iz the last pawt of the trilogy of MY 
barkday fun. 
In case u missed any of the ferst 2 pawtz
u can look here at the 1st pawt & here at the 2nd pawt.
Now on with the show.........

ME AN'MOM wuz in fer 1 more surprize-

After I got dun with my cake an'ice cream an'other stuffz,  
I herd the phone ring then 
mom wuz talkin'tue aunt sis on the phone
(still can't figure out how they due that)
I didn't really pay much attenchun tue what they sed UNTIL
I herd that majic werd - WALK!
Oh what a perfekt way tue end this perfekt day!
Lookie - lookie, I gotz my new walkin'harness on.
We wuz walkin'out by the pondz at the governor'z place.

A lot of animalz come around here - even other doggiez so
me an'Lady Bailie, my Westie fur-cuzin'wuz 
checkin'out any pee-mail that wuz left b-hind.
I had NEVER bin on this trail b-4 -
so much tue check out.

Fer sum reezon, 
neether of us saw what wuz IN the pond at ferst,
we wuz more interested in possible viziterz
AROUND the pond BUTT

Oh lookie there-
See - I told u!

I  really tried hard tue go talk tue them - 
I bet they cood tell me sum good stuffz'bout this place BUTT
mom - then aunt sis, woodn't let me.

Hey mom - over here.
I wanna go HERE!
This iz MY barkday walk so we iz goin'HERE!

There wuzn't any more duckiez JUST
a lot of pee-mail tellin'me a lot of doggiez 
had bin here b-4 me.

Mom told me we wood b goin'bak there sooooo
may-b then I can talk tue thoze duckiez.

Oh what a day my barkday wuz-
ok - time fer a nap-
talk'bout your sweet dreamz!

~Lady Shasta of Beaglebratz Manor~

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

2nd pawt of trilogy of barkday fun with Lady Shasta

Like it sez - this iz the 2nd Pawt - IF u missed the 1st then
u mite want tue look HERE ferst!

Now on with my barkday festivitiez.

After aunt sis dropped off me an'mom at home-
mom got bizy in the kitchen while 
I went an'took a nap

I had no idea what mom wuz duin'butt 
she took pikchurez so I cood share'it
Yepperz - u iz c'in'rite -
that iza cake just fer me - even gotz my name on it.
There wuz sum other yummy stuff there tue-
all frum 
Three Dog Bakery in Leawood, KS.
(Shurely u'all didn't think my mom MADE it all - MY mom?)

What'z cake without sum ice cream?
Oh I almost fergot - mom gotz me sum of this jerky tue -
it iz really good an'eazy tue chew!

Anywayz, mom wuz gittin'my pawty all tue-gether while
I snoozed away - boy wuz I in fer a surprize!

All barkday pupz need a hat
(if they will wear it)
(I know - I don't look real happee'bout wearin'it)
You also c the neeto-sweeto barkday bandana that
Angel Shiloh left fer me.

Then mom showed me the spread 
she had put tue-gether just fer me-
Of course bein'the Beagle I am-
at ferst I had only eyez fer the food-stuff that wuz
oh so available NOW!

Butt mom wuz quikly able tue divert my attenchun so
she cood git a better pikchure.
Just look at that spread an'it iz all fer ME!
(Akchually, un-b-knowst tue me til I saw it go out the door
2 peecez  of MY cake did git shared with my Westie cuzin  Lady Bailie'n
anuther furrend of herz)

Ok - so u'all know'bout the cake an'other sweet tweatz,
since I am a great zombie hunter-
mom gotz me sum
The Real Meat Company.
I can uze theze tue help me with my 
zombie huntin'skillz.

Then she got me 'nuther treat ball-

Did u c that other bag of treatz sittin'there?
Thoze r Blue Buffalo Sizzlers-
Them treatz an'this Halloween spider toy iz
what I gotz at Petsmart.

Now c this wild colored thing?
This iz my new walkin'harness!
Mom got it at a neeto-sweeto artzy show last month-
the vendor who had it iz
Mom an'aunt sis haf bin gittin'dog treatz there fer yearz.
I iz real x-sited'bout this new walkin'harness cuz
it meanz more walkiez!
I can b seen by everybody now! 

R'member this pikchure I showed u erlier in this post-
well after enjoyin'a couple treatz 
then it looked like this-

Mom fixed me a plate with cake'an ice cream-
Now u c it-
an'now u don't!

Ok then - 
since I am so furry much late with this bloggie post'n
there iz a so much tue it-
I am gonna give u'all a break b-4 
I due pawt 3 of my barkday trilogy.
I will b bak this THURZDAY 
with pawt 3.  

~Lady Shasta of Beaglebratz Manor~

Monday, October 10, 2016

A Trilogy of barkday fun with Lady Shasta

Hello - did u notise that I sed a TRILOGY of barkday fun?
Well my mom took so many pikchurez of
my barkday fun that
she told me it wood b better if I did
3 dif'rent bloggie postz with all the dif'rent pikchurez insted of
makin'u look at all of'em in one day soooo.....
Oh yes, this past Saturday, 10/8/16 wuz
my barkday- a lady duz not tell her age.
My mom took off with aunt sis in the mornin'butt
after she got home, the fun b-gan with.....

ferst, there wuz a trip tue my fav'rit store-

I even haf the same barkday bandana on 
that Angel Shiloh wore

Mom let me sniff around a bunch-
I checked out the toyz-
I even got tue take one home.

Then I checked out the chewiez-
this one iz kinda big fer me
so I got theze insted 

I checked out sum sportz jerseyz butt 
told mom I didn't need none.

This nize lady wuz 
only 1 of the new hu-friendz I made this day.

Yepperz - a great start tue what I wood soon find out wood git
even better-
Make shure tue come bak tue-morrow tue
c y my barkday got even better.

~Lady Shasta of Beaglebratz Manor~