Tuesday, February 14, 2017

HAPPY VALENTNE'S DAY from Chewy.com/ #ChewyInfluencer & Lady Shasta

Lady Shasta here-
First, my mom didn't git my pikchure sent in 
fer the K-Oss Pawty then 
it turnz out that the Chewy.com box we gotz tue-day iz NOT
the box with what she ordered - it wuz a 
DIF'RENT Chewy.com box an'it 
WUZN'T fer me!
An'now she won't even let me tell u all'bout it, soooooooo
now my mom iz gonna tell'bout it.

Mom Kim here-
Well like Lady Shasta said, we got a Chewy.com box today but
it was here a day earlier than
what I expected - I had ordered some dog food and it
wasn't suppose to be here until tomorrow, besides
when I looked at the box it was too small for my order.
I thought maybe they had to ship the 
treat ball and dog treats in a separate box but
I soon found out otherwise AND
it wasn't for Lady Shasta.
Oh she wanted to make it hers.......
REAL BAD!!!!!!!

True to her Beagle heritage 
(and like most other dogs who want cookies)
Lady Shasta just wouldn't give up until mom intervened.

 TRYING and...
 TRYING and...

Two of the best things in my life.

Monday, February 13, 2017

#ChewyInfluencer - A late review from December, 2016

It haz bin awhile since u'all haf seen
a post frum me pawticipatin'in the 
Chewy.com Blog Hop butt
me'n mom r still pawt of the 
#ChewyInfluencer team.
We haf
tue thank fer hostin'the blog hop each month.

HEY Mom did u hear somethin?
I tried tue wait fer mom butt.....

Hmmm ... wunder what iz in here?
Well lookie here!!!

Az u'all can c -
I REALLY hadta wrestle tue git that bag open-
I haz a confesshun - 
after all I went thru tue TRY tue git'em open -
my mom still hadta open'em.
HEY MOM................

Oh dear - MOM!
WHY due u make me wait fer MY treatz that
Chewy.com sendz tue ME?????

Theze treatz r just so furry much
They just hadta haf ...

B-sidez the flavor that I gotz, u can also git 
Beef & Turkey,Turkey & Duck, 
Chiken & Lamb or Chiken & Venison.
Plus, each kind haz other yummy stuff in'em like
sweet 'taterz & ground 'taterz, applez, 
carrotz & blueberriez.
Plus plus - NO corn, NO wheat,  NO soy AND
NO artifishal colorz.
Plus plus plus - they r made rite here in 
the good'ol U.S. of A.!

Now this next list of Key Benefitz I just hadta borrow frum
what Chewy.com sed'bout'em -
it furry much tellz it like it iz!

"Key Benefits

  • A great treat for all life stages from puppy to adult (& that meanz any size, any breed!)
  • Contains no corn, soy, artificial colors or additives
  • Made with two kinds of meat protein for an irresistible flavor and taste
  • Perfect for training or just an everyday reward
  • Naturally preserved with mixed tocopherols"

We received 1 bag of the
Wellness WellBites Grain-Free
Lamb & Salmon Recipe Soft & Chewy Dog Treats 
for our honest opinion.
We did not receive any other form of compensation.

Note from Mom Kim - since this is late due to my surgery/recovery, it will also be included in the FEBRUARY Chewy.com Blog Hop.

Friday, February 3, 2017

#GoRedWearRed for Womens Heart Disease from Mom Kim

Even tho I have been hearing about this on our   local news, when I read Dory's post earlier today it kinda woke me up and said "Hey, besides having a personal connection to heart disease (my dad had it), I now have my own connection with heart disease/heart surgery" -
   see the POTP blog for those who didn't know.


I know I am late with this post but I am still trying to wrap my brain around that 
what happened - especially the part about having open-heart surgery, ME?
I had just been out doing some Christmas shopping when my body decided it was tired and took a nose-dive.
Luckily I was at the check-out counter so
there were people around who acted quickly
and called the paramedics.
That is how I ended up in the hospital but
this hospital stay included surgery to
replace a heart valve. 

I am doing better now - not totally and
it could take at least 6 to 12 months before that happens.

Poor Lady Shasta - when I left that morning to go shopping, I told her I'd be back in a bit-
well - that turned into 20 days.
Thank goodness aunt sis was able to take care of her and when I was discharged from the rehab hospital, we both stayed there for most of January.  
We are home now and once again, Lady Shasta  
is enjoying her Beagle bed.

Not sure when there will be another post-
I know Lady Shasta still needs to finish her
December review for Chewy.com and
we do know about the changes with that.
Gotta go for now.....

These are not enough for all your POTP, prayers, thoughts and concerns but they are a start.

Monday, December 5, 2016


Let me count the wayz- 
cuddlez an'snugglez, good food tue eat, walkiez, 
goin'tue Petsmart, goin'tue the park, 
yummy treatz, sleepin'in her bed with her, my Beagle bed, sharin'her naner with me, 
keepz me healthy even if it duz mean tripz tue the vet-man,
lettin'me vizit with aunt sis an'fur-cuzin Bailie,
my speshal barkday this year,
more yummy treatz frum Three Dog Bakery.
I'm shure there iz more butt
my little brain can't handle it all.
We haf bin bizy lately -
Movin'furnichure, settin'up the Christmas tree, 
hangin'up all thoze purty hangy thingiez an'settin'out the 
other dekorashunz.

This little elfie came tue vizit-

Elfie thinkz I don't c him BUTT



A speshal message frum Angel Shiloh
Mom - I know u miss me an'I can hear u still cry fer me sumtimez an'I know 
Lady Shasta still missez me a little sumtimez BUTT 
I know thingz r slowly gittin'better there tue.
I just wanted u tue know that 
I am so greatful that u had the courage tue 
help me travel tue the Rainbow Bridge.
I feel so much better now an'I 
git tue c so many furendz frum Blogville who 
left b-4 an'after me.
Yes, it wood b great tue b there with
u an'Lady Shasta on your speshal day BUTT
I know we will all c each other sumday.
In the meantime, 
I am here, watchin'over both of u.
Pleeze know this-
I will alwayz love u.
Angel Shiloh

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Until we meet again, dear Easy........

Me an'mom got sum newz yestaday that 
made us furry much sad.
Blogville'z own Easy haz gone off tue the Rainbow Bridge.
All of us in Blogville will miss you Easy.

Easy wuz such a gentleman.  On our date in 2014 fer Blogville'z Date Day, he took me tue all the best placez - the best restaurant...

the best night-club where we danced the nite away.....

Before I hadta fly off, 
Easy took me tue the Eiffel Tower where he
had a speshal message fer me.

Me an'mom will miss u sweet boy.


haf alerted us all in Blogville of a great way tue help 
Easy'z staff.
They want tue raise fundz that will cover the vet costz-
the surgeriez an'care wuz not cheap.
It iz most difficult tue deal with 
the loss of Easy butt now
all thoze vet billz tue?
Blogville iz great at helpin'their own-
if u can help in this way then 
click on that link above fer more info.

there will b an aukshun later hosted by
Mollie & Alfie One Wing.
More d-talez will b announced soon---

Lady Shasta of Beaglebratz Manor