Wednesday, August 16, 2017

WHOOPZIE WEDNEZDAY - more of my birthday stuff

Ok - ferst, gotta tell u'all that 
I, Miss Maizie WANTED 2 do'later post yesterday fer
my birthday BUTT
mom got her pawz handz on the'puter'n
This iz sorta long so u mite wanna do a potty break first then
 grab a snack'n enjoy!

So, I am here now an'I control what gitz dun!
An'b-4 I say anymore, gotta thank
Ann@Zoolatry fer my 
birthday pikchure.  Also, if u hazn't notised yet-
I, Miss Maizie, haz now 
joined Lady Shasta along with Angel Shiloh 
in OUR blog header - thank u Ann.
We all here love the booti-ful art that she duz.
Plus, c that row of dif'rent pagez u can find 
on our blog?  Well mom iz werkin'on one fer me 2-
izn't that kewl?
Yep - I really do haf my furever family!
I think that iz the best pawt of my 1st birthday!

Ok - mom sed that ferst comez dinner soooo
  That'z our Rachael Ray salmon'n sweet tater kibble with sum Rachael Ray Chiken Muttballz, fresh brokoli, fresh 
colli-flower, shredded carrotz, fresh peaz'n a few blueberriez.
Sorry - our chef iz not available fer caterin.

Mom wanted 2 git a pikchure of me with the birthday hat'n
my cake, treatz'n prezziez BUTT
she sed I wuz 2 squirrely (funny, I didn't c no squirrelz)
so settled on theze 2 pikchurz.
(I say she just didn't try hard enuf)

After a little bit of time 2 process that,
it wuz time fer CAKE!
Well akchually prezziez ferst then
Ok - this wuz kinda like a group pikchure-
the cake, treatz'n prezziez.
Mom kinda cheated-
the Whimzees'n the Salmon Skin Twist frum Barkworthies
mom won fer us in the 
(which mom will blog'bout in'nuther post)
hosted by The Broke Dog
butt mom wanted 2 give thoze az a speshal occazion treat.

The cake with MY name'n thoze other speshal treatz-
they came frum
(That'z a speshal place just fer us woofiez'n
where mom got Lady Shasta'z cake - I'M HOME!)

Now then, az fer thoze prezziez-

MY new giraffe - Mr. Longneck.

X'cuze me butt can't u c I iz bizy here. 

Since I'm kinda new at this,
Lady Shasta offered 2 help butt I told her I got this.

Here r the prezziez AFTER the unwrappin'that-
wrapped newzpaper haz 
THREE squeekerz'N it haza krinkly sound - LOVE IT!
That'z the face of Mr. Longneck u c - he SQUAWKZ!
Oh, r'member Lady Shasta wanted 2 know if I 
needed her help unwrappin'my prezziez'n
I told her I got this.
Welllll, look at this pikchure with the cake'n treatz-
notise anything dif'rent frum the cake'n treatz pikchure above?
Yes, 3 little treatz GONE!!!
Guess she figured she cood help that way while 
mom wuz takin'pikchurez of me unwrappin'prezziez.

only u can't really tell - mom didn't give us much'n 
she cut it up in small peesez butt u git the idea.

  Mom callz 
Lady Shasta her little piggy-
c, she already ate her cake while 
I am still werkin'on mine.

Better watch your bak there Mr. Longneck-
I gotz my eye on u.

Here iza good pikchur of me with my prezziez-
also gotz 3 new tenniz bawlz.

 Mom gotta surprize one day when 
she checked her email'n saw this!
I gotz a booti-ful birthday email frum

Ok - think that iz all I gotz fer u-
I really do think that wuz quite enuf, don't u?


Tuesday, August 15, 2017

1st Birthday beginnings with Miss Maizie

Birthday breakfast-
Kibble, melon, scrambled eggz, blueberriez

What iz this?
Mom woodn't let me c.
She sed later-

Mom did let 
me'n Lady Shasta haf a couple of theze-

Butt what iz in this box?

 This iz what I think of 
mom not lettin'me c what iz in thoze sackz.
Lady Shasta stood by fer moral support.

Ok - so mom haz gotta go do her werkout stuff which
 iz ok with me cuz 
now I can take a nap.

More birthday stuff later.....

~Miss Maizie~

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Sunday Selfies with Miss Maizie

I, Miss Maizie, wanted 2 link up with the
Sunday Selfies Blog Hop
hosted by the kittiez of 
The Cat On My Head.

I don't alwayz look straight at the flashy beest,
no matter how hard I try.
I am scared it mite flash in my eyez so
I'll try agin later.

Ok - now this iz better!
Happee Sunday Selfiez day!


Saturday, August 12, 2017


Lady Shasta recently told me 
that doggiez in this house git 2 haf the whole month 2 selebrate their birthday'n
git 2 do most of the blog postz.


So after me'n mom had a bit of a discusshun,
it wuz d-sided that just me, Miss Maizie,
cood do sum postin'n share sum pikchurz-
she thought since I wuz kinda new around here that
I mite not b ready fer such a big task.
I sed "Well u do it doncha?"
She kinda sed "HRMPH" then "oh, go ahead then"

My mom wuz watchin'that big black talky box-
I d-sided 2 join her an'figure out Y -

the peepz on there wuz talkin'bout their CAT!
WHY OH Y wuz she lookin'at that?
I know there r sum nice onez here in Blogville butt
(Lady Shasta told me'bout'em)
y not sum stuff'bout us doggiez?

Oh well-


Friday, August 11, 2017

#Flashback Friday only not so far back

Today I, Mom Kim, am taking over the blog to link up with the
hosted by the FiveSibes.
You can too by just going down memory lane, 
finding that picture to blog about then
linking up - you have 6 days!

This is not so far back - only a little over 3 months ago but 
with Miss Maizie's first birthday in a few days I thought it was a
 good thing to remember those first moments I saw her.
If you missed learning about Miss Maizie and 
how she came here, then go-

Thank you Ms Flea for first, letting me know that 
this sweet girl needed a new home then
helping me rescue her.

~Mom Kim~